What will you find when you Take a Closer Look at TRICOM?

We offer:

  • Total Staffing Administrative Solution, including payroll processing, that allows you to focus on growth
  • Professional Portfolio Management that reduces your AR turn by watching for flags that may signal issues with a customer, and building strong relationships that help avoid those issues
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation, as well as guidance on taxes and other financial issues that can have a significant impact on your business
  • Asset Based Lending, where you maintain ownership (and control) of your receivables, plus your staffing company name stays front and center with your customers
  • Services for staffing companies of all sizes — large and small — that are scalable to the level you need, when you need it

“There are so many resources at TRICOM. I truly could not run my business without them. I know that sounds like a pretty excessive statement as a business owner, but it is very, very true. I know all these different areas are correct and covered, and that helps me do other things.”
- Marianne Trotter, President & CEO, Accessible Medical Staffing

Take a closer look at TRICOM and discover why 99 percent of our clients choose to stay with us year after year. Contact us today!