There’s nothing to fear when you choose to partner with TRICOM.

We get it. We understand that when you choose to partner with someone new that there is naturally some anxiety that may come with making that change – especially when it comes to something as important as your staffing company.

That’s why we take the fear out of the unknown through:

  • Our New Client Coordinator who works to understand your business and specific needs, and then ensures those needs are met with your new TRICOM team
  • Detailed transition procedures so you know what’s happening and when, without any surprises
  • Response times within an hour or less so if you do have questions, you’re not left without the information you need
  • Clear, concise contracts that don’t hide unsavory terms or conditions

“I can’t say enough about TRICOM. It’s not always what they do. It’s TRICOM as a company: the people that are there. The way they go about their business. They have been tremendous. I would never even dare to think of doing business with another company of this type. And I certainly would be more than happy to recommend them to anybody. I just can’t see where anybody can do a better job than these folks do.” - Sonny McGee, President & CEO, Integra Business Alternatives

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