Total Staffing Administrative Solutions


They are the backbone of what we do. It’s a lot easier and offers peace of mind. They’re pretty good at helping us in any way they can — every one is helpful. They work like a team – like clockwork.
- Cynthia Gentry, Owner, Excel Temporary Service


Our Team of Experts Working For You

TRICOM offers a full line of administrative services specifically for staffing companies. The depth and breadth of these services are unmatched by any other provider (we’ve checked!). TRICOM’s Total Staffing Administrative Solution is designed to reduce the headaches, hassles, and expense of trying to replicate these functions in-house, while increasing your profits by allowing you to focus on recruiting employees and selling your services.
TRICOM Total Staffing Administrative Solution includes:
Payroll & Billing
  • Live checks, pay card, or direct deposit
  • Your company name on the checks
  • Benefit deductions and payment
  • Checks run with pay date you require
  • Checks sent overnight to be in your office when you need them - the overnight is at no charge to you
  • Invoices with your company name
  • As much detail as you need on the invoices: department listing, shifts, purchase order numbers, etc.
  • Year end W-2 and 1099 processing
  • Processing of internal payroll at no charge
  • Dedicated payroll specialist assigned to you
  • All accounting functions except corporate year-end tax returns
  • Federal and State quarterly tax payments made for you
  • File quarterly and annual payroll taxes
  • Deposit Federal and State withholdings
  • Complete monthly financial statements for you when you provide accounts payable information
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Monthly tie out of accounts
  • Dedicated accountant assigned to you
Cash Management
  • Daily cash application, Monday through Saturday
  • No check clearance delays
  • Cash receipts report updated by 4:00 CT, each business day
  • Worker’s Compensation maintenance and support
  • Worker’s Compensation audit preparation
  • Dedicated cash management specialist assigned to you

Help Desk
  • Available 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday
  • Missed checks
  • Reissue of W-2’s
  • Invoice questions
  • Additional overnight packages

  • All reports are available live on the web, as well as in hard copy form in your weekly overnight package
  • Weekly report outlining cash receipts and fees
  • Weekly sales & payroll information tracking hours and mark-ups, payroll detail and billing history
  • Detail gross profit report outlining a snapshot by person, temporary or sales person, of what profit is by employee
  • Hours Edit Report and Invoice Register
  • Customer activity screens that are online, real time outlining payment receipts, invoices and applications
Portfolio Management
  • Weekly review of your outstanding receivables
  • Collection assistance at your request, done on your behalf with no mention of TRICOM
  • Complimentary credit summary reports on new customers
  • Dedicated portfolio analyst assigned to you

Our experience providing this valuable support exclusively to temporary staffing companies allows us to be an even stronger partner, because we understand our clients from the inside out and look out for your business as if it were our own. For our clients, this means a one-stop shop approach and a single point of accountability for critical functions, all at cost neutral or better compared to in-house.