Payroll Funding


The funding services to us, it’s a key. It allows us to really grow and be able to take on new clients without worrying about cash flow.
- Cintia Rivas, Controller, Azule Staffing


Payroll Funding For Staffing Companies—The Funds You Need, When You Need Them

Whether you're an already established temporary staffing company or are a fast-growing employment agency in need of accounts receivable financing TRICOM’s payroll funding for staffing companies can offer you the flexible support and financial strength you can rely on to succeed in today's ever-changing marketplace.
TRICOM offers you a way to improve your cash flow and keep up with the pace of your staffing business, in addition to:

  • Low-cost daily interest rates and no hidden fees — we have some of the lowest payroll financing rates available in the industry‚ allowing you to expand your profit margin while you grow your staffing agency business.
  • Up to 100% advance rates and electronic weekly payments of profits, — you're never left waiting for access to your hard-earned income
  • Credit increases approved in hours or days instead of weeks — you can quickly take advantage of opportunities without worrying about whether or not your payroll financing will be there.

Staffing companies enjoy the flexible payroll financing, industry experience, advanced payroll funding technology and user-friendly reporting tools they need to manage their businesses. With rates at or below your current payroll financing source, TRICOM can give you the exceptional quality you expect, while saving you money. Regardless of the size of your company, TRICOM’s payroll financing can give you the ability to grow and the power to succeed.