Full Service


The reliability that’s always built into their service has really made my planning and the organization of my staff and overall services really easy to manage. I know I have a dependable partner that I can count on to have our backs in our back office functions. So that really means a lot to me.
- Nick Truyol, Founder & CEO, Sabio Systems, LLC


Focus on What You Do Best‚ We'll Take Care of the Rest

For one low fee, TRICOM's Full Service program provides you with complete financial and administrative assistance, including all invoice and payroll processing, accounts receivable management, employer tax filing and customized reports‚ all with 90-day charge backs and no reserve requirements.
TRICOM's full range of services, all included in our one low fee, features:
  • Billing and Payroll
  • Permanent staff and temporary-employee payroll checks processed
  • Direct deposit
  • Invoices and payroll checks with your company name, so your brand takes center stage, while customers and employees never know they came from TRICOM
  • Accurate and timely federal, state and local tax filings, 941s, W-2s, W-3s and FUTA reports
  • Complete weekly sales and payroll management information‚ reports track hours and mark-ups, detailed payroll information of employees and client usage
Cash Management
  • Management of accounts receivables (accounts receivable funding)
  • Daily cash application
  • Commission reporting
  • Gross Profit and Weekly Activity Payment reports
  • Maintenance, payment, calculation and preparation of audit reports for workers' compensation coverage
Accounting Services
  • Tax payments made accurately and on-time
  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and reports
  • Complete monthly financial statements including balance sheet, income statement and bank account reconciliation
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Ratio analysis for period comparisons
  • Consultations with TRICOM's Accounting team to help you make informed decisions affecting the future of your temporary staffing business
Help Desk
  • Telephone coverage from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm (CST)
  • Reissue of W2s
  • Payroll check figures
  • Stop payments
  • Immediate generation of payroll and billing history reports
  • Immediate explanation of any questions about TRICOM's reports
  • Update payment status of an invoice
  • Help with any other questions or concerns you may have
Credit Service
  • New customer credit reporting
  • Invoice verification to ensure proper timely payment
  • Collections assistance by seasoned credit specialists
  • Frequent dialogue with credit team to support quick payment of receivables
Web Service
  • Run real-time 24/7 payroll and billing histories at your convenience
  • Online aging 
  • Daily cash receipts journal
  • Freedom to access employee and customer information, including ability to make changes
  • Deduction history reports
  • Access to hour entry for employee payroll and billing information