Business Performance Tools


One of things that I’ve asked for are some customized reports, especially for our Financials (monthly and quarterly statements). … It’s really painted a very clear picture of the health of my company, and that’s been really beneficial in assessing how to go forward and how to better compensate our staff.
- Nick Truyol, Founder & CEO, Sabio Systems, LLC


Turn Information into Insight

TRICOM clients have unprecedented information about their businesses —but that data can be overwhelming and useless if you don’t know how to navigate it.

That’s why we’ve developed a Staffing Executive Business Suite that takes your company’s data and focuses on the most critical information you need to make smart business decisions. Is your standard markup procedure covering the full burden of an employee’s cost? Are you hiring the right people? Are you leveraging the benefits of social media?

From monthly Financial Statements that allow you to see the health of your company at-a-glance, to the Detailed Gross Profit that pinpoints areas of high and low profitability, to a Breakeven Tool to calculate markups and more, TRICOM gives you greater insight into your business.

In addition to our Staffing Executive Business Suite, we offer a host of resources to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Financial Tools: in addition to our dynamic pricing tool that helps determine appropriate markups, we also offer tax resources such as a SUTA tracking tool and EIC Notifications
  • Industry Insider Webinars: monthly, complimentary webinars from industry experts
  • TUTOR Training Series: two-day training seminars by staffing industry’s top experts
  • TRICOM Client Conference: Recently back by popular demand, TRICOM’s Client Conference brings together industry experts, TRICOM clients, and staff for a few days of learning, networking, and fun
  • Access to our expert staff: Our staff has decades of specialized experience and are at the ready to answer your questions