Funding Evaluation Tools


We've created a series of checklists and tools to help you navigate the vast funding options available to your staffing company. 


1. Choosing Your Financial Provider Comparison & Checklist

We've broken down three main options in a chart — the Bank Line of Credit, Factoring and Asset Based Lending — so you can more easily compare what each service provides. We've also developed a checklist of questions for you to ask to get a full picture of the relationship before you take the plunge. 

2. TRICOM LOC Comparison

Do you feel like you're getting a great deal on your bank line of credit?  Are you sure you're not shortchanging yourself and your staffing company?  Compare your line of credit with the services that TRICOM offers all of their clients.

3. TRICOM Difference Checklist

Are you looking for a new funding provider?  Have you experienced the TRICOM Difference?  Use this list to compare the services you're being offered by your current funding provider and you'll soon see the TRICOM Difference.