They share any information that’s available concerning our business or things that might affect our business. And I think they also are very effective in helping you understand why you need to look at things differently if you’re not looking at them the right way.
- Tanya Henry, Executive Director, Milwaukee Careers Cooperative


We are constantly on the alert for all the latest industry news, legislative updates, trends and more that could possibly impact your staffing business. Our president and CEO, Julie Ann Blazei, also shares her insights on the staffing industry in her message (link below). And when we don’t see information about a topic we feel is critical for you to know, we create it ourselves to share in our monthly email.

Press Room

It’s that time of year. The leaves are turning, the air is starting to have that hint of a chill and stores are beginning to display their holiday wares. Not far behind is winter. And along with winter comes the winter storms. Even though you may not live in a climate where blizzards are the norm, that doesn’t mean a nasty winter storm in another region can’t impact your business — especially your payroll.
Every once in a while as I speak with staffing company owners, I’ll meet someone who doesn’t use any source of outside payroll funding assistance.
While I respect anyone’s decision on how he or she chooses to run his or her business, I’m always curious as to why they choose this path. So I tend to ask a few questions and learn more about their business.


Legislative Updates

The Missouri Department of Labor has announced that the state minimum wage rate for 2015 has been established, according to state law, at $7.65, effective January 1.

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The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recently delivered a workers’ compensation loss cost and assigned risk rate filing to the Georgia Department of Insurance.

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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced the state's workers' compensation insurance rates will drop 5.5% next year.