Corporate Event Screening & Survival Guide

by Sterling Talent Solutions

There is always something to plan for in the business world from in-house events, product launches or tradeshows to big holiday parties. Being able to put together events, both large and small, requires a lot of talent, patience and organizational skills. If you are a corporate planner, you know that you require help from many aspects of your company from hiring the right event staff to marketing the event. Being organized is the key component for having any big event become a success. Just imagine how organized the event planners for a worldwide event, like the recent Rio Olympics had to be! From big events to small, knowing organizational essentials is critical for an event planner.

Corporate Event Survival Guide

The event planning team at Sterling Talent SolutionsSM participate in a variety of events, both big and small, throughout the year. Each event is different, but there are a few guidelines event planners find useful to make sure they are as organized as possible. Below are just a few suggestions for event planners and marketing departments to be “on the same page” for events:

  • The Details: The details consist of all the pieces that make up your event, including: your event goals and objectives, the dates, the budget, the event agenda and of course coordinating with stakeholders and negotiating proposals for the venues and hotels.
  • The Essentials: The essentials are the must-haves for your event. Events with an integrated marketing strategy and campaign stand-out from the pack. Create social buzz early and keep the excitement going not only at the show, but post-show as well. Take a strategic approach and inform the team about speaking engagement opportunities, nurture campaigns to promote the event and online promotion. Make sure to establish a timeframe for each aspect of your program.
  • The Creative: Creative consists of the mood, style and concept of your event. Attendees pay attention to all aspect of events, so it’s important to take the time to improve on the energy so they are guaranteed to remember you. The most remembered event concepts had themes that were creative, unique and carried throughout the entire event. These events tell a story – not only from a messaging standpoint, but from the decor onsite and the friendly and approachable staff, all the way through the post-show follow-up.
  • The Execution: With your entire event vision in mind, it’s time to execute flawlessly and be precise! Once all the checklists and plans have been made, start tackling them piece by piece. Every area will have high priority items that will need attention over others to ensure a well-planned and successful event. After everything has been checked off your list, go back and review your items again and again in order to guarantee that nothing has fallen through the cracks!

Staffing Special Events

If your company is hosting larger events, then there might be a need to hire temporary staffing. Event planners will have to coordinate with staffing agencies in order to find the correct staffing for the event. Just like any business, the organizers behind the Rio Olympics had to win the race to hire the right personnel for their event. Hiring thousands of people over a short amount of time requires skill and precision, just like the athletes who competed in the games. The Rio Olympic producers had to coordinate with recruiting, staffing and security agencies in order to hire the best paid and volunteer staff. These agencies had to accurately review thousands of perspective workers in a short amount of time. They also must be current on the ever changing rules and regulations governing event staffing. Knowing these rules and being able to handle the extreme pressure of hiring the right people are vital to having the Olympics be successful for spectators and athletes. These rules will differ per state and country, so what is currently legal in the United States, might be different in Brazil. It is very important to know the distinction between the regulations as you prepare for the events.

Background Checks for Large Events

Background checks are vital for staffing for large public events such as the Olympics. The most important of these being the criminal records check. Event planners need to have the peace of mind that the background screening can be done quickly and correctly. Sterling Talent Solutions proprietary Complete Criminal Locator and CourtDirectTM technologies provide instant access to millions of criminal records from county court jurisdictions across the country allowing for increased accuracy and faster results.

Having the best staff is crucial to events ranging from corporate meetings to Olympic-sized experiences. To find out more how we can help you with your event staffing screening contact us before your next big corporate event. Find out more information about the basics of background screening.

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