Conference Season Begins! How Getting Involved Can Help Shape the Staffing Industry

Conference Season Begins! How Getting Involved Can Help Shape the Staffing Industry

March kicks off the 2023 staffing industry conference season, and we’re excited to get back out on the road to attend both national, regional, and state conferences throughout the U.S.

Not only are conferences a great way to connect with colleagues and gain valuable insights into our industry, these events are also integral to enabling staffing owners and professionals to more effectively advocate for our industry.

It's often at these conferences (and the upcoming ASA Staffing Law Conference is a great example) that potential new legislation and how it could impact the staffing industry is often discussed. Staffing company owners are then armed with the information they need to make their support or dissent known to their respective government representatives. Your voice can be a powerful tool in shaping the legislation that can directly impact the future of our industry.

The conference season kicks off with one of the best national conferences of the year: SIA Executive Forum. Held March 6 – 9 in Miami Beach, FL, Executive Forum is strictly for Staffing Company owners and executives, and the topics and level of discussion is focused on the concerns of that group. Staffing Industry Analysts is known as the standard-bearer for staffing-specific research, and this year’s conference will focus on “The Next Generation of Staffing.” Topics will focus on leadership, key segments and sectors, technology, disruption and change, and more. This conference typically sells out, so if you haven’t already registered, you may be out of luck. Event registration and information can be found at

The other large, national conference this spring is the American Staffing Association (ASA) Staffing Law Conference held in Washington, DC, May 18 – 19. ASA describes Staffing Law as “the only event dedicated exclusively to the legal and regulatory issues facing staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions companies.” This year’s lineup is filled with topics that impact every staffing company, including:

  • The IT Factor: Emerging Technology and Potential Liability
  • You Can’t Be Serious! Pay Transparency, Pay Equity and Fee Restrictions
  • Getting to Know You: Why Are Background Checks and Drug Tests So Hard?
  • Hands Off, They’re Mine! Protecting Staffing Agency Employees and Goodwill
  • You Be the Judge: Top Staffing Cases of 2022
  • Buyer Beware! Potential Risks with Employee Health Plans, EOR Services, and Online Platforms
  • Survey Says: Emerging Trends and “Gotcha” Issues Every Staffing Agency Should Know About
  • Best Practices in HR: Employee Discipline, Performance Reviews, Terminations, and Reductions in Force

ASA does an amazing job of bringing in the top legal minds with a staffing-specific focus for the conference. It’s one that we would encourage you to consider attending.

While national conferences offer a wealth of information, state and regional conferences are extremely critical in staying abreast of legislation that could help or hinder your staffing company directly. It’s important for staffing company owners and executives to get involved at a state level because legislation crafted at that level can have a more immediate, direct impact on your staffing company.

It’s often legislation first crafted at a state level that then takes hold at a federal level. States to watch in particular (aside from the states in which your staffing company operates) are California, New Jersey, and Illinois. These states have been at the forefront of introducing employment legislation that impacts staffing.

TRICOM will be at several state and regional conferences this year, including:

  • Massachusetts Staffing Association Annual Conference, March 29
  • Midwest Staffing Conference, April 26 – 27
  • California Staffing Professionals Annual Conference, May 10 – 12
  • Ohio Search and Staffing Association Annual Conference, July 26 – 28

We place a high priority on both education and advocacy, and industry conferences provide a perfect opportunity for both. We look forward to seeing you at these conferences and other staffing events throughout the year!