The Future of Talent Acquisition and Retention

The Future of Talent Acquisition and Retention


The talent shortage we are all facing is not short-term or cyclical, and it will not be solved by traditional recruiting means. Leading labor market analytics firm EMSI has labeled it as the “sansdemic,” meaning “without people.” We are at the beginning of a global labor crisis that many economists and labor experts believe will last decades. So what can we do to adapt and ensure we are appropriately and consistently staffed?

Join TRICOM and Tallann Resources for our first quarter Industry Insider webinar session, as nationally recognized recruiting expert and speaker Tom Erb discusses the current and future state of the labor market, what that means for businesses and the economy, and how you can gain a significant competitive advantage by fundamentally changing the way you approach the recruiting function.

About the presenter:

With a career spanning over 25 years, Tom Erb has established himself as one of the recruiting profession’s top subject matter experts. As an executive for two of the largest staffing and recruiting companies, Tom worked with some of the most recognizable and well-respected companies in the world to help optimize their workforce strategy. As a consultant, trainer, and speaker, Tom has helped hundreds of organizations create and execute sales and recruiting strategies.

Tom is one of the most highly sought-after national speakers in recruiting, presenting to a variety of organizations including the American Staffing Association, National Association of Personnel Services, TechServe Alliance, Ohio HR Conference, New York Staffing Association, Capital Area Staffing Association, Midwest Staffing Conference, New England Association of Personnel Services, and dozens of others.

A variety of national and regional media outlets including The Wall Street Journal,, Columbus CEO, and multiple city business journals have interviewed Tom. Tom currently writes the monthly Recruiting Today column for ASA’s Staffing Success magazine. HR Examiner named Tom one of the Top 25 Online Influencers in Staffing.

Tom is a former president of the Ohio Staffing and Search Association and the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio. He currently is chairman-elect of the board for the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and as past chairman of ASA’s Professional-Managerial Section Council.  Tom is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP).

About Tallann Resources:

Tallann Resources provides consulting, training, and coaching services to the staffing and recruiting industry, as well as workforce strategy, sales and recruitment consulting to organizations of all sizes. Their service offerings include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Structure Development, including Quota and Commission Plans
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Development, Implementation, and Execution
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Operational Analysis
  • Sales and Recruitment Training and Coaching

With extensive experience in the flexible staffing, managed service, and recruiting industries, Tallann Resources brings a broad and unique base of knowledge and creativity to the staffing industry.


As an administrative and financial solutions provider to the staffing and consulting industry, it is our philosophy to be an active member in the staffing industry by staying abreast of the ever-changing market place. For that reason, TRICOM was pleased to launch the Industry Insider webinar series designed to share our expert knowledge and resources with our fellow staffing industry colleagues. One of our core values is to build relationships and become a leading resource to staffing and consulting firms nationwide.