Loyalty is the Magic Word

Loyalty is the Magic Word


Struggles finding internal talent, demanding customers, and mounting frustration — do any of these sound familiar to you? The current labor market is not going to change much, and you need to find a way to overcome these challenges.

Join us for our August Industry Insider webinar for insights on how to solidify your employee/employer relationship and safeguard the clients that you want to keep. Loyalty will create the bond that will help you succeed in today’s market. However, loyalty is easy to say, but hard to create. Amy Munroe with Staffing eTrainer will help you determine the best questions to ask your clients (companies and talent), understand the phase of the relationship you have with each client, craft a magical value proposition for your team, and focus on the ‘client of choice’ for the strongest loyalty.

In our time together, you will learn the magic of:

  • Understanding the relationship phases to keep loyalty strong
  • Gathering quality feedback to gauge service impact and improve loyalty
  • Crafting and delivering a strong value proposition and engagement for your internal team
  • Determining your client of choice to create the strongest partnerships and loyalty

By the end of this session, you will know why loyalty is the magic word.

About the presenter:

Amy Munroe, CSP, is the owner of Staffing eTrainer and an experienced speaker for the staffing industry.  Amy engages with a variety of staffing firms nationwide to help accelerate the time to full productivity for new hires as well as enhance the skills of tenured staff. The practical and applicable ideas Amy shares in her training sessions combine her 30 years of industry experiences and adult learning techniques. Her clients say:

  • "She has a true gift for engaging groups and making subject matter relatable."
  • “Amy is a fun, challenging and engaging sales coach. Working with her was time well spent.”
  • “Thanks to Amy, we are now equipped with game-change training programs that are second to none.”

Amy Munroe has shared her talents, philosophies and techniques with many staffing organizations. A few of those associations are the Ohio Staffing and Search Association, Massachusetts Staffing Association, American Staffing Association, National Association of Personnel Services, Jersey Staffing Alliance, and South Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals.
Outside of work, Amy enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family.  Also, Amy volunteers her talent development skills with an international collegiate organization and is passionate about teaching women's leadership skills to collegiate women and their volunteer partners. 

About Staffing eTrainer:

Staffing eTrainer helps companies focus on their greatest asstes, their internal team. Your employees are major contributors to the worth and profits of the organization. For Staffing eTrainer, helping people gain new skills and knowledge is a passion. We use our 30+ years of industry experience and proven learning techniques to strengthen the productivity, knowledge and performance of your team members.


As an administrative and financial solutions provider to the staffing and consulting industry, it is our philosophy to be an active member in the staffing industry by staying abreast of the ever-changing market place. For that reason, TRICOM was pleased to launch the Industry Insider webinar series designed to share our expert knowledge and resources with our fellow staffing industry colleagues. One of our core values is to build relationships and become a leading resource to staffing and consulting firms nationwide.