Eleven Techniques

Eleven Techniques


Barbara Bruno, President and Owner, Good as Gold Training Inc.


Highly successful people develop strategic plans to attain their daily, weekly and long-term goals.   Have you ever wondered what steps you can take to achieve success in both your professional and personal life? Join Tricom Funding and Barb Bruno from Good as Gold Training for our June edition of the Industry Insider webinar series where Barb will share her eleven proven techniques for taking control of your destiny.  During this webinar Barb will cover the following topics:

  • Why it is important to know the exact results you want to achieve
  • How to effectively plan your efforts
  • Determining how and when to walk away from noise
  • Eleven techniques guaranteed to increase sales and profits By the end of this session, you’ll know the techniques to becoming more successful by controlling your destiny and leaving nothing to chance or luck

About the presenter:

Barbara Bruno is president and owner of Good as Gold Training, Inc. and HR Search, Inc.  For the past thirty years, Barbara has worked in all segments of the recruiting and staffing profession including direct, temporary, contract and retained search.  She became a trainer to help others in our profession increase their level of success and income. What separates Barb from other trainers is her commitment to Responsible Recruiting, Responsible Sales and her step-by-step comprehensive approach to training. Her techniques are specific, easy to implement and proven successful. Barb has received the highest national award from the Staffing and Recruiting Profession – The Harold B. Nelson Award and was inducted into the National Association of Personnel Services Hall of Fame.

About Good as Gold Training:

Good as Gold Training, Inc is recognized as one of the leading providers of training for the Staffing and Recruiting Profession worldwide, for the past twenty years.  The focus of our company is to help our clients increase sales, profits and income.  Good as Gold Training is an innovative, trend setting training company that stands for "Responsible Recruiting".  Our new training products are the result of surveying owners, managers and recruiters to identify their greatest challenges and issues and then providing them with solutions.