The transition was a positive experience. They walked me through what would happen, and I certainly had a million questions about things, and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction before we went in. And I don't think there were any surprises long the way.
- Morgan Nichols, Managing Partner, Torrey & Gray



Thinking of Switching to TRICOM? We make it Simple.


Think it's hard to move to a new Full Service, or Payroll Funding only, or staffing administrative company? We'll do everything, making it a SimpleSwitch®

One of the biggest comments we hear from prospective clients is that they'd like to move to TRICOM, but think it will be too much of a hassle to make the switch. They think the amount of work it will take to transition to TRICOM will not be offset by the benefits TRICOM will ultimately provide. They like our Total Staffing Administrative Solution and competitive, flexible pricing. However, switching providers seems like a frustrating and daunting task.

At TRICOM, we heard these concerns and responded with a solution.

With SimpleSwitch®, we created a new and easy system of switching from one administrative, factoring and/or payroll funding company to TRICOM. It begins with a conversation with one of our experienced customer service representatives. We make it simple because we take care of all the details and complete the transition with minimal work on your part. Here's how straightforward the process is:

  1. Sign a contract with TRICOM
  2. We go to work for you, outlining all necessary items to make the switch
  3. Supply us with a few pieces to the puzzle
  4. TRICOM completes the transition from your former payroll funding provider

Leave all the work to TRICOM. Our clients have come to rely on us to solve all their staffing administrative and funding needs. Partnering with a staffing industry leader like us should be easy. In fact, it's simple. SimpleSwitch®.